Amazing (crd)
Amazing (pro)
Crazy (crd)
Dream on (tab)
Hole in my soul (crd)
Nine Live (tab album)
Alanis Morissette
Head over feet (tab)
Ironic (tab)
Uninvited (crd)
You Oughta know (bass)
You Oughta know (crd)
You Oughta know (crd 2)
Hay un límite (crd)
Alison hell (tab)
Bolero Falaz (tab)
Backstreet Boys
As long as you love me (crd)
Back to your heart (crd)
I need you tonight (crd)
I want it that way (tab)
Quit playing games (crd)
Barón Rojo
Resistiré (crd)
Siempre estas allí (tab)
Loser (tab)
It's Oh so quiet (tab)
Black Sabbath
Ironman (tab)
NIB (tab)
Paranoid (tab)
Snowblind (tab)
Sympton of the universe (tab)
The wizard (tab)
Vol 4 (tab album)
Zero the hero (tab)
Blind Melon
All that I need (tab)
No rain (tab)

Changes (tab)
Paper Scratcher (crd)

Changes (crd)
Seed to a tree (crd)

Dear old dad (crd)
Sleepyhouse (crd)

Deserted (crd)
Sleepyhouse (tab)

Drive (crd)
Soak the sin (crd)

Galaxie (tab)
Time (crd)

Holyman (crd)
Time (tab)

I wonder (tab)
Tones of home (crd)

Blink 182
Adams song (tab)
I'm sorry (tab)

All the small things (tab)
Josie (crd)

Apple shampoo (tab)
M and Ms (tab)

Damn it (bass)
Mutt (bass)

Damn it (tab)
Pathetic (tab)

Degenerate (tab)
Sometimes (tab)

Dick lips (tab)
Untitled (crd)

EMO (crd)
Voyeur (crd)

Family reunion (crd)
Wasting time (crd)

Going away to college (tab)
Whats my age again (tab)

Coffee and T.V. (tab)
Parklife (crd album)
Song 2 (tab)
Bon Jovi
Always (crd)
Bed of roses (tab)
Blaze of glory (crd)
Dead or alive (tab)
Wanted dead or alive (tab)
More than feeling (tab)
Butthole Surfers
Revolution (crd)
The wooden song (crd)
The wooden song (crd 2)
Who was in my bedroom last night (tab)
The Beatles
Back in the U.S.R.R. (TAB)
Birthday (tab)
Blackbird (tab)
Dear prudence (tab)
Glass onion (crd)
I will (tab)
Im so tired (crd)
Julia (tab)
Oh darling (crd)
Piggies (crd)
Revolution (tab)
Rocky Racoon (tab)
While my guitar gently weeps (tab)
While my guitar gently weeps (tab 2)
Yellow submarine (tab)
Chuck Berry
Jhonny B. Goode (tab)
Collective Soul
December (tab)
Hints Alegations (crd album)
Self titled (tab album)
The world I know (crd)
Crash Test Dummies
Mmm mmm mmm mmm (crd)
Mmm mmm mmm mmm (tab)
Higher (tab)
With arms wide open (tab)
Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young
Woodstock (crd)
The Clash
Rock the casbah (crd)
Should I stay or should I go (crd)
The Cranberries
Animal instinct (crd)
Dreaming my dreams (crd)
No need to argue (tab album)
Promises (crd)
The Cure
Boys don't cry (crd)
Friday I'm in love (tab)
Lullabye (crd)
Days of the New
Days of the New (tab album)
Shelf in the room (tab)
Solitude (crd)
The down town (tab)
Touch, peel and stand (bass)
Touch, peel and stand (tab)
Whip it (tab)
Dire Straits
Brothers in arms (crd)
Romeo and juliet (crd)

Brothers in arms (tab)
Romeo and juliet (tab)

Communique (lyrics album)
Sultans of swing (crd)

Down to the waterline (crd)
Sultans of swing (tab)

Down to the waterline (tab)
Sultans of swing (tab 2)

How long (crd)
Tunnel of love (tab)

In the gallery (crd)
Tunnel of love (tab 2)

Money for nothing (tab)
Twisting by the pool (crd)

Private investigations (tab)
Walk of life (crd)

Private investigations (tab 2)
Charlie Browns parents (tab)
Counting blue cars (crd)
Counting blue cars (tab)
Give (crd)
Goofys concern (crd)
Duncan Sheik
Barely breating (crd)
Barely breating (crd 2)
She runs away (crd)
The Doors
Hello I love you (tab)
L.A. woman
Spanish caravan
Eagle-Eyes Cherry
Save Tonight (crd)
Enanitos Verdes
Lamento Boliviano (tab)
Eric Clapton
Change the world (crd)
Change the world (tab)
I'm tore down (tab)
My father eyes (crd)
My father eyes (tab)
Ends (crd)
What it's like (tab)
What it's like (tab 2)
It's a monster (tab)
Song for love solo (tab)
When I first kissed you (tab)
When I'm president (tab)
The Eagles
Hotel California (tab)
The way (crd)
The way (tab)
Gary Moore
Still got the blues (tab)
George Benson
This Masquerade (crd)
Gin Blossoms
Hey jealousy (tab)
Goo Goo Dolls
Iris (crd)
Green Day
Basket case (tab)
Time of your life (tab)
Welcome to paradise (tab)
When I come around (tab)
Guns N Roses
Civilwar (tab)
Dont cry (tab)
Knockin' on heaven's door (tab)
November Rain (crd)
One in a million (tab)
Patience (crd)
Patience (tab)
Since I don't have you (tab)
Since I don't have you (tab 2)
Awful (tab)
Boys on the radio (tab)
Celebrity skin (lyrics)
Dying (tab)
Heaven tonight (tab)
Hit so hard (tab)
Malibu (tab)
Northern star (tab)
Petals (tab)
Playing your song (tab)
Reasons to be beautiful (tab)
Use once and destroy (tab)
Hombres G
Devuélveme a mi chica (crd)
Marta tiene un marcapasos (crd)
Te quiero (crd)
Temblando (crd)
Voy a pasármelo bien (crd)
Hootie and the Blowfish
Let her cry (crd)
Only wanna be with you (crd)
Time (tab)



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